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About Oikos

The Oikos

OIKOS is a set of projects, with several initiatives, that aims to provide housing in a sustainable and collaborative way, engaging people from different social classes through a support network to change and improve society.

How does OIKOS works?

Houses developed in recycled cardboard, using a model of low cost and easy reproduction. The application of waterproofing varnish will provide protection against rainfall. Through IoT and low-cost technologies, it will be possible to provide electricity and water for home users.


Lack of housing is a real problem. In Brazil alone there are more than 33 million people without housing. The main mission of OIKOS is to provide housing for the people who need it the most.


#1 Cardboard housing? Is it going to be a shantytown?

No, the idea of OIKOS is to provide housing for people who need it. To achieve this we imagine that it will be necessary to engage society to create a network of support in the construction of these houses involving citizens and the government.

#2 Am I required to support OIKOS?

No, not at all :)

#3 How do I know who will be the residents of the built houses?

The idea is to work in partnership with the Prefecture to register people who have needs and use the OIKOS support network to help these people by providing registration, training courses among other initiatives to empower these people by making them citizens.

#4 Who builds the "houses" of OIKOS?

The support network composed of volunteers and ambassadors who signed up to help the project.

#5 Are you looking for financial help? Do I need to donate?

We do not look for any financial help. If you are social worker, doctor, lawyer, or any profession and want to help with your knowledge to our project, will be super welcome :)

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